Protecting the beaches and oceans of which all coastal life depends

A group of concerned volunteers has founded the Save Dewey Beach Foundation to raise awareness about how big wireless corporations are encroaching on the beaches, wildlife and ocean of Dewey Beach and small coastal towns across the United States. Members of the Save Dewey Beach’s Board have been recognized by federal, state and county officials through the receipt of 16 awards, citations, senate and congressional proclamations and 2 Governor Citations for their volunteer work in their respective communities.

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The 5 G’s we’re demanding

1. Dewey Beach and environmental supporters from around the country want Verizon to relocate the 5 telephone poles they have placed near Dewey's beaches and demand Tilson modifies their current application of wanting to install 9 more. GIVE our beaches back!

2. We demand the 5G wireless industry GETS together and engineers a master plan for each coastal town they want to build their network out in. They need to develop solutions that are appropriate for the natural settings and coastal communities in which they wish to work. Having each of the four wireless carriers place their own 5G poles near our beaches is unacceptable.

3. We demand big wireless companies embrace their stated values of GOVERNING according to the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) values they promote so heavily on their websites.

4. We want wireless companies to GUARANTEE our families and wildlife won't be harmed by radio frequency (RF) emissions from these telephone poles and they release the details of their NIR reports.

5. We demand that they don't sacrifice our environment by engineering cheaper network solutions just because they can. GIVE to our communities and do the right thing. Be more responsible with the coastal environments in which you work.