About us

A group of concerned volunteers has founded the Save Dewey Beach Foundation to raise awareness about how big wireless corporations are encroaching on the beaches, wildlife and ocean of Dewey Beach and small coastal towns across the United States. Members of the Save Dewey Beach’s Board have been recognized by federal, state and county officials through the receipt of 16 awards, citations, senate and congressional proclamations and 2 Governor Citations for their volunteer work in their respective communities.

The battle lines for this public relations campaign have been drawn in Dewey Beach for the benefit of every coastal town in the United States. This effort will begin the process of pushing back on big wireless corporations by allowing the public’s opinion to be heard and not allowing our natural resources to be marginalize by big corporations.

The leadership of this board will ensure this foundation operates within a framework of operational best practices and with a high degree of integrity as it represents the public’s opinion on this issue. Board member experience includes working with large public and private corporations and executive leaders across global retail, technology, healthcare, higher education, endowments and foundations.

Through his previous volunteer and nonprofit work, the current Chairperson of the Save Dewey Beach Foundation has been awarded with the Nonprofits “Seal of Excellence” for reaching the highest standards of nonprofit operating practices. The Chairperson has been recognized for adopting the "Standards For Excellence” which are an A-Z resource of best practices for nonprofit organizational governance, management, policies, procedures, and legal compliance at any stage of a nonprofit’s lifecycle. The Seal of Excellence lets stakeholders know that the precious resources granted or donated to the awarded nonprofit are being stewarded wisely. The Seal of Excellence notifies the community in which it resides that the nonprofit is open, accountable and committed to a culture of best practices.